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Appliance Installation

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Appliance installation in Alexandria isn’t as easy as some people think! Appliances are heavy and hard to move. Some units might even require modifications in order to accommodate correct installation procedures. For the inexperienced homeowner, such issues are serious problems. At Appliance Repair-911, we offer easy solutions.

If you need assistance with your new appliance installation in Alexandria, contact the appliance experts at Appliance Repair-911. We install just about every type of appliance you can imagine, so if you’re having difficulty with installing your new appliance contact us.

We specialize in installation of the following name brands:


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Appliance Installation

One of the most challenging appliances to install is a refrigerator. In Alexandria, when it’s time to replace your older appliance with a more modern model, we can assist with installing refrigerators in Alexandria area homes or properties. 


Similarly to refrigerators, installing a freezer can be challenging as well. Space requirements aside, some model and brand freezers in Alexandria have differing power requirements. If a freezer is improperly installed, your home might be subject to power shorts and other electrical issues. If you want correct installation of your freezers in Alexandria, contact us and let our appliance experts handle the installation for you.

Ice Makers

If you’ve recently purchased an ice maker in Alexandria and need assistance with installation, contact us. We can install ice makers to large and small properties, and all of our installations are performed correctly and will result in properly-functioning appliances for years. Ice makers in Alexandria can be installed fast, affordably, and correctly. Contact us for more information.

Washers & Dryers

If you recently purchased a new washer in Alexandria, contact us. We correctly install major brand and model washers in Alexandria. We also provide competitive pricing on all of our appliance installation services. Additionally we also provide fast and easy dryer installation in Alexandria.

Contact us today for assistance installation on any make or brand washer or dryer. We understand that installation of these appliances can be complicated to the neophyte, and our savvy techs will ensure that the job is handled quickly and correctly in one visit.


If you need help correctly installing your ovens in Alexandria, contact us. Our appliance experts are factory trained, certified, and licensed to install any model or brand name oven in Alexandria. However, no oven is complete without a range.

In Alexandria, we install ranges on new and older model ovens with ease. For more information on our installation services for ovens and ranges in Alexandria, contact us today.


Nothing is more frustrating than watching the appliance installer leave only to find out he or she didn’t even bother to test the craftsmanship or quality of the installation. Our technicians always double check their work to ensure customer satisfaction.  If correct installation is important to you, then make sure to contact us for installation of your dishwashers in Alexandria.

Failure to install a dishwasher in Alexandria correctly can result in water damage as a result of poorly installed drain hoses. This oversight can potentially result in costly out of pocket repairs on the unit as well as the kitchen floor and cabinetry around it. Don’t risk damage to your home – contact us for correct installation of your new dishwashers.

Garbage Disposals

Even the handiest of homeowners might have difficulty installing garbage disposals in Alexandria, VA. Whether you have purchased a new garbage disposal in Alexandria or you’re replacing a replacement disposal, we can install a disposal so that it will run and operate correctly for the foreseeable future.

Trash Compactors

Trash compactors reduce the volume of trash by up to 75% before it even arrives at the landfill, and there are numerous types of trash compactors available to residential consumers. Trash compactors are great additions to any kitchen layout, but if your trash compactor in Alexandria is installed incorrectly, you face an obvious problem. Avoid that issue – we have a solution!

We install new trash compactors in Alexandria with ease. Contact us today and let us know how we can assist you. We are here to help you, and this is especially true for Veterans, the Disabled, and Senior Citizens – ask us about special offers!

Contact Appliance Repair-911 for fast, correct, and competitively priced appliance installation in Alexandria. Our highly qualified and knowledgeable team of installation experts service all of Alexandria, Arlington, Burke, Chantilly, Fairfax, Falls Church, Lorton, Manassas, Reston, Sterling, Oakton, Springfield, Vienna, Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and Baltimore and Southern Maryland.